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Wall humidity measurement with Drymat

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Precise and non-destructive

The humidity – for example in the wall – is measured in a grid form. The moisture distribution and the moisture content (% of mass) in the wall can then be visualized in a colour-coded form at depths of 0–3 cm, 0–30 cm, and 0–50 cm.

Thus, it can be verifiably discerned whether there is the user’s fault (condensate moisture) or damage to the building, such as that caused by rising moisture or leakages.

We can conduct such measurements with our MOIST 200 microwave humidity meter and, as you can see in the picture, visualize it in colour graphics. Such a survey map can be used as a basis for an expert opinion, for example to provide a proof or evidence and/or as a basis for decision making before necessary dehumidification procedures:


It is also possible to determine where moisture penetrates the structure and thus conclude which defects may be responsible for the dampness.

Drymat has a vast experience in dehumidification and sanitation of damp walls in the basement.