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On the process of walls becoming damp

Moisture barriers lose their effectiveness over years or may have never been adequate. There are many, in some cases considerably expensive, procedures to seal an already built house. They are difficult to use and often ineffective. In a few years, the old problem usually shows up again.

Over the years, dissolved salts carried by water penetrate the walls from the ground. These salts make the water conductive, resulting in a negative potential in the walls, which can be measured. Due to capillary forces and the salt having migrated, the water often ascends the walls to considerable heights.

That’s exactly where the Drymat®System is especially effective:

This method can be applied to any walling. Since building components are not damaged, this procedure is becoming more and more popular. There is hardly any dirt resulting from the building works the structure of the building is preserved in its original state. Even cellars and old vaults can be easily dehumidified using this procedure.

With as little as 6-10 watts of power consumption, the operating cost of the system is comparatively low, comparable to that of a portable radio (at the rate of 18 ct/kWh, approximately 9.50 EUR per year). The system continuously operates for many decades. It's a stake that pays off both for you and your property.

Drymat is your solution with an ISO certification.