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Drymat awarded: Top Innovator 2016, as well as Top 2018

Every year, the most innovative medium-sized German companies are determined under the scientific guidance of Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Vienna University of Economics and Business. The examination of the innovation management at DRYMAT-Systeme GmbH brought excellent results. This makes the company one of the top innovators of the medium-sized sector.

The TOP 100 has been for over 20 years in the market, and it is the only benchmarking of innovation management in Germany. It is supported, among others, by Christian Wulff, who is a top consultant of the incentive.

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Cost saving of up to 70%

when drying walls with Drymat Systems (patent pending)

There are various reasons of dampness in the walls. There is, however, one thing that is common: when using conventional wall drying processes, dehumidification is often associated with a very large investment. By drying walls with the Drymat System, you can save up to 70% of costs compared to conventional wall drying methods. The Drymat System is individually adjusted to the specific circumstances and requirements of each drying task, and the drying process is constantly monitored and readjusted as needed. The results achieved speak for themselves.

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Sealing layer directly beneath the house

In many cases, the major problem with humid walls is rising damp. That's where the Drymat System gets into gear. Owing to the installation, the surfaces aren't merely dried. Rather, the sealing layer is installed directly where it is called for.

Wall dehumidification and desalinization

Salts are over and over involved in moisture damage as substantial contributors. The consequences range from visible crystalline spots to plaster peeling. We have developed the Drymat® Salt Out solution, which, in addition to wall drying, effectively coves the field of wall desalinization.

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Customer experience of wall drying with the Drymat System

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Wall dehumidification with Drymat® EO Plus – Effective and affordable wall drying

Wall dehumidification, that is removal of moisture from the walls and protection from rising damp, quite often poses an immense technical and financial challenge to home owners and property managers. Although most people are aware of the negative effects of wet walls, the technical effort of conventional methods of wall dehumidification quite frequently means interference with the structure and financial charges which many of those affected would only reluctantly incur. The electro-physical process of the Drymat®SYSTEMS, which is ÖNORM 3355–compliant, suggests an effective and affordable alternative to other techniques. A bulk of references, among which is one from the Hermitage in St Petersburg, testify to the effectiveness of our method of wall dehumidification.

Wall dehumidification – a problem of not only old buildings

Wall dehumidification is a prerequisite for all subsequent renovation measures mainly in old buildings, since missing or inadequate barrier layers are here the norm rather than the exception. But even in new buildings, planning and construction errors or natural disasters can allow moisture penetrate the walls. The consequences are far reaching: from decreased strength of the walling to increased frost sensitivity and up to development of wall salts, mould, or dry rot. This does not only lead to a drastic decrease in thermal insulation by up to 65% but also can cause significant damage to health. These hazards can be traditionally remedied with various methods of wall drying.

Wall dehumidification by an electro-physical method

Wall dehumidification by the electro-physical method that our company has made market-ready by introduction of electrodes, exclusively of precious metals, has indisputable advantages: there is no excavation of the ground walls, no interference with the statics of the building, and possible problems with the protection of historic buildings and monuments can also be avoided. With a ring of electrodes implanted into the walls and a small control unit, the moisture is combated within a short time for a long term in accordance with the electro-physical principle. Our services include not only installation of the equipment itself. The whole process is accompanied by a science-based diagnostic procedure. This way, the effectiveness of the Drymat®SYSTEMS in wall dehumidification can be measurably and provably ensured. The electro-physical method of drying damp walls by introduction of electrodes to keep the rising moisture out is universally recognized by science.


Drymat dries wet cellars of the Hermitage in St Petersburg

The Hermitage is one of the world’s largest and most significant art museums. UNESCO placed the building complex located immediately along the Neva River under protection as a World Heritage Site. Since there is a high ground water table at the Hermitage – the ground water being measurable 50 cm below the basement floor – the masonry is exposed to moisture in a special way. By using our DRYMAT®Systems, it was possible verifiably to dehumidify the historic building structure.