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What is Drymat® exactly?

Drymat receives pre-qualification

Drymat®Systems company was founded in 1997 by Frank Lindner, who had already gained a vast experience in the drying of buildings.

He was increasingly focusing on the wall dehumidification task. He familiarized himself with a range of approaches and quickly came to the conclusion that among the available solutions, the “active” ones had the best prospects over a longer term and offered by far the highest value by money ratio. However, Frank Lindner was not satisfied with any of the available systems without reservation. Therefore, he developed his own system in collaboration with various specialists and scientists.

The first prototypes had quickly passed the test, and the system could go into production. The present-day Drymat® System 2030 EO+ has been optimized in many aspects compared to the original model, but the initial idea has principally remained unchanged. The use of materials such as titanium in the anodes, the latter being additionally coated with noble metals, provides the user a guaranty of a very long service life of the entire dehumidification and desalination system.

What makes Drymat® different from the majority of conventional dehumidification methods is that electro-physical wall dehumidification is not a single procedure, but a continuous process. The Drymat® becomes an integral part of the building structure and forms an active barrier. This ensures that the structure is not only dried, but also kept dry over decades.

This solution is available in Germany and many other European countries, such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, and Estonia – the regional representatives in Germany and abroad are thoroughly trained and offer all Drymat® services at a high level, ranging from the evaluation of the needs to installation and performance control.

The name Drymat® has been known by specialists for a long time as a term for an effective, science-based and practically proven dehumidification method. Soon, it will be known to an even wider public, because we are working on a major European project that will even further accelerate the success of the electro-physical process. You can look forward to it.

You will find our offices throughout Germany, as well as Switzerland and Austria.

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Drymat receives pre-qualification

The Drymat Systems receives a PQ Certificate that proves its competence, performance, and reliability to participate in public tenders.

Pre-qualification is an independent upstream verification of compliance with the requirements stipulated in Section 6 of VOB/A. This enables any company interested in public procurement to prove its suitability to the contracting authorities.

The verification is governed by the guideline of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Development (BMVBS) for the implementation of the pre-qualification procedure dated 25.04.2005, as amended on 07.04.2011.

The companies participating in public tenders are required for this to demonstrate their expertise, performance, and reliability. The certification is carried out in a form of an independent upstream verification in compliance with the requirements stipulated in the VOB/A. In the subsequent period, the compliance certificates are kept up to date, and the company is listed in the central pre-qualification list on the Internet.