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Measurement of humidity and temperature in buildings

In general, we use the CM or Darr method as the basic measurement.
The subsequent indication to register is the following:
Measurement of humidity and temperature in buildings.

A solution with a profile

A humidity profile probe provides a completely new way of measuring humidity and temperature in structures, especially in the walls and flooring.

It is distinguished by the fact that the PS10-6 profile probe has a total of six, and the probe PS10-3 exactly 3 measuring points.

Each point of measurment has a humidity and a temperature sensor, thus enabling a profile representation of the relative humidity and temperature over the depth. In addition, a temperature sensor (PT100) is installed at the tip of the PS10-6. The four memory blocks are together able to log all the values measured, the duration of the measurement depending on the interval (30 to 3600 seconds). Along with the data logging functionality, it is possible to send the data directly via the interface to a computer and log it there. In addition, sliding averaging is possible (up to 50 or more measured values).